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Treatment for Phobias

Experiencing a phobia or fear can often be tolerated, but also can be problematic for the person, having a marked impact upon functioning and wellbeing. This can lead to experiences of Anxiety and Depression.

I offer treatment for a huge amount of  known and unknown phobias including

phobias or fears of :

- Animals  - Heights  - Dentists  - Public Speaking  - Air Travel - Water  -  Blood    - Choking  - Darkness  - Thunder and Lightening  - Loud Noises   -  Drowning

- Vomiting  - Driving / Car passenger  - Dentist  - Medical Treatment .......

There are at least 98 known phobias and in most cases there is usually an origin or moment where the phobia started. Using the advancements of EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing treatment, phobias their bodily discomfort and fears are targeted quickly and successfully.

           Treatment of Intrusive Thoughts

The experience of Upsetting or Intrusive thoughts is common. 

Often people accept, cope or struggle with these experiences. In many cases people can experience significant distressing images they have never shared with anyone and can be unsure on how to reach out for help.

As a highly experienced EMDR Consultant, I have extensive experience of working sensitively and in a non judgmental way, using EMDR to target Intrusions and distressing thoughts along with their bodily discomforts.




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